Gursha Ethiopian Restaurant

Ethiopian food is in my top three favorite foods of all time. I love Gojo’s, I love Little Africa, and yes, I love Gursha! I usually go for the vegetarian dishes but on this visit, we also tried the Doro Wot (chicken stew) which is pictured in the center of the platter. The sauce is […]

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Sapporo Ramen & Noodle Bar

Considering that I have not yet had real ramen before (the time I had it in the Hong Kong airport doesn’t count), I was still pretty excited to hear that a ramen shop was going to open in GR, located on 28th Street. Originating in East Lansing, this restaurant features traditional noodles and recipes from […]

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New Hotel Mertens

New Hotel Mertens is a French restaurant that just opened in downtown GR, located on Oaks Street. As their name implies, Hotel Mertens was once a hotel that opened back in 1914, and closed in 1960 when the neighborhood started to decline. Now, it has been re-opened as a modern French restaurant. I love the […]

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Squibb Coffee & Wine Bar

I’m not a big coffee drinker. If I do feel like partaking in the culture, I’ll have an iced Americano or just an iced brew. So as one would assume, I’m not one to frequent coffee shops often. However, I did like this place enough to want to post a little entry about it! Newer […]

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Balinski’s is a newer Polish-American restaurant that opened in Comstock Park. The space is small and a little bit diner like, very casual. Their menu offers Polish dishes with some American fusion. Polish food, and the little amount of European food that I have tried, have never been my favorite. Who doesn’t love pierogies, though? […]

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One Bourbon

At this point, saying that the west side of GR is booming will probably sound like an understatement. Bridge Street, specifically. When I go there now it’s almost incredible how different the area looks, and more importantly, feels. There are new places popping up left and right. One of the newest ventures is called One […]

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Brickroad Pizza

So some time ago, as vague as that can possibly be, I wrote an entry about one of my favorite places to get pizza, at Nantucket Baking Company . At the time, I stated that the title of one of the best pizzas belonged to them. Well, that’s because I actually have another crowned favorite as well. In fact, as […]

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Harmony Hall.

Grand Rapids’ Harmony Brewing Company recently opened their second project, Harmony Hall, located in the West Side. Considering that I imbibe like it’s my freakin job, beer is surprisingly a scene that I don’t partake in. I know, what a waste of a GR resident, amirite?  What I can attest to, however, is the the […]

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Curry Leaf.

In my mid to late twenties, Indian food was an obsession. I couldn’t get enough of it. As time went on, the diversity of my food choices was greatly broadened and my love of the cuisine quietly slipped away from the spectrum. On top of that, the last two or three times I had  Indian […]

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Gojo Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian food is easily one of my favorite types of cuisine. I went to a festival years ago that was held downtown in GR, and Gojo Ethiopian Cuisine was one of the vendors down there. That’s how I first tried Ethiopian food, and I immediately fell in love. However, the popular restaurant Little Africa became my […]

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