Killed My Keyboard With Wine, but I Must Tell You About GR’s Food & Wine Festival!


Yes, the Grand Rapids Food & Wine Festival. Since I am typing this from my smart phone,  I am not going to write much. Its food. It’s wine. It’s a festival. It’s fun.

At the bottom you’ll find a link to all the info. Starting tomorrow, this year will be the sixth so far. I’ll be working it all day so hopefully there will be some down time to walk around,  sample,  and maybe take pictures. (Maybe, maybe not; I’ll probably be self conscience about it,  not gonna lie. )

All the info on GR’s Food & Wine Show!

It’s Restaurant Week in Grand Rapids.

It's a cat.
It’s a cat.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos that are related to the post I am …currently posting, I guess. So here is a picture of my favorite cat. His name is Chunk. And this may happen again in the future.

I’m broke. I am taking a big trip at the end of October, I never in my life have figured out how to save a substantial amount of money, and I eat a lot of food. Point being, it is indeed Restaurant Week in Grand Rapids. It’s a fun and great way for this city to show what culinary excitement and delights it has to offer. Currently I can afford to go out to just a couple of places, so I narrowed down the options by which RW menu interested me the most.  I also looked at this as an opportunity to go to somewhere I have never dined at before. That’s always exciting. The two establishments I visited for the first time were The Bull’s Head Tavern and Aryana Restaurant & Bar.