Fancy Shmancy Dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

It’s rare for me to dine at a nice steak house. I eat so much I’m forced to be frugal, or at least, my version of frugal. My friend invited my boyfriend and I out to have an upscale dinner, and it was a nice change. Thankfully, Ruth’s Chris possesses a comfortable atmosphere with admirable professionalism within the staff in addition to their fancy shmancy menu and interior.

Villa Rosa Barolo 2008.
Villa Rosa Barolo 2008.

Villa Rosa Barolo 2008. Italian and Old World, this wine was just lovely. You can’t tell by the photo, but when poured it presented a rusty brick color that I’m not accustomed to seeing. Three out of the four at our table were partaking in the bottle, and all of us involved loved it.

Veal Osso Buco Ravioli.
Veal Osso Buco Ravioli.

I thought the ravioli were bland. The seasoning on top was good, but the filling itself was boring. The texture made me think of store bought frozen raviolis, and I didn’t like the after taste, either. The aroma of the sauteed baby spinach was very nice, but the flavor was sour.

Filet with brandy peppercorn sauce, sauteed mushrooms, potatoes au gratin, and garlic green beans.
Filet with brandy peppercorn sauce, sauteed mushrooms, potatoes au gratin, and garlic green beans.

Their sides here are portioned for sharing, so we each chose a protein and shared three accompaniments. I chose the filet, prepared rare, with a dressing of peppercorn brandy sauce. I pretty much didn’t have to use my knife to cut the steak, and it was cooked perfectly. My filet was a beautiful, flavorful piece of steak. The sauce I chose was nothing special. I liked the pepper in it but besides that it was a little disappointing. The mushrooms sauteed in butter were wonderful in taste and texture. The potatoes in the au gratin were cooked well. The dish was lively with strong cheddar but not overwhelming. The delicious green beans were prepared with roasted garlic cloves, which was a change from the usual minced variety. I love both versions.

Banana Cream Pie.
Banana Cream Pie.

Check out the hardcore Banana Cream Pie! The filling was surprisingly light, and it didn’t taste like cups of sugar or high fructose corn syrup. It was wonderful! The carmelized slices of banana was the perfect complement to the cream, and the crust functioned better for texture as opposed to flavor.

The section we sat in had tables close together, but we still got a sense of privacy. The roomy, leather arm chairs probably helped with that. The service was great. The set up is beautiful, modern combined with classic and a bit of Asian influence. That part confused me, but who cares.

If you have a some money to throw around, Ruth’s Chris is a nice option. It’s not something I crave on a daily basis, but it’s definitely an experience to have every once in a while.


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