Georgina’s is a newer restaurant located on popular Wealthy Street. This one is the second location, with the first one being based in Traverse City. The menu features the owner’s heritage, so it’s a fusion of Latin and Asian inspired food.


I came here with my friend Paul, who actually is a fan of their Traverse City location! I was a little surprised about the differences on the menu from the two restaurants. There wasn’t a menu for the GR spot online, so there were a couple of things I wanted to try from TC and I was disappointed that I didn’t find them here. However, their menu has a lot going on so there were plenty of options to choose from.

Everything was enjoyable except the tacos. I hate to complain about generous portions, but there was so much slaw and creamy sauce on them that it was overwhelming. Not just trying to eat it, but in flavor as well.

The service was good, the space new and a little more intimate and cozy. I’ve only been once, so I’d like to go back and try something from the Latin side of the menu!