Sweetie Thai

If you’ve read any of my other entries about Thai food, then you already know what I’m going to say. Does Sweetie Thai use fish sauce? Check!

Located on 28th Street in Wyoming, I’ve visitied Sweetie Thai a couple times. They have a good selection of salads, so that was what enticed me to go there.


Nathan and I both really enjoyed the Green Mango Salad. You should try it; I bet you’d like it too.


Papaya Salad is one of my favorite Thai dishes of all time, and Sweetie Thai’s version is my favorite so far. Nathan is not a fan, but I think fish sauce and shrimp paste can be overpowering for a lot of westerners. However, I would not recommend eating the mango salad at the same time as the papaya salad. Not the best mix of flavors.


Lap, aka laap, aka larp depending on how the restaurant Romanizes it. Another one of my favorite Thai dishes, and this version is great.


Located in a strip mall, the space is small, modern, and hip. They are set up for take out, but they have tables to dine at as well. You choose your meal at the counter and pay, and then they bring your food out to you. The portions are smaller than other Thai spots. The only real negative with the food for me is that the steamed rice was quite dry every time I visited. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be, I don’t know.

Definitely give this place a try! It’s in my top 3, along with Thai Express and Nu Thai Bistro.

Thai Express. Maybe the Most Authentic Thai Fare in Town?

Update 9/6/18:

I wanted to update this entry, because this place is really one of my favorite Thai restaurants in town. They don’t use fish sauce, which is the only thing I dislike about their menu. Otherwise the food is fantastic, and the service is always good and friendly!

They also moved locations, just to the stripmall behind their previous location on Kalamazoo Avenue.


Chicken Larb, which is my favorite dish here. I eat it with steamed rice.


Their Mango Salad is delicious!

Now back to the original post:

Located in a nondescript little building on Kalamazoo Avenue, I have driven past this little restaurant countless times without truly noticing it. Now, after having dined here one time, it can safely be said that this place is in my top two of Thai eateries in Grand Rapids.

Tod Mun

I suppose the best way to describe this appetizer is as a fish cake. A mixture of fish, herbs, and vegetables. Tasty and chewy, mild but still flavorful. The sauce that accompanied it was delicious, with peanuts and cucumber chunks. I could have eaten it alone.

Nam Kao Tod

The salad was interesting. It was good, but certainly not my favorite dish. Rice with red curry, ground chicken, onion, ginger, green onion, lime juice and peanuts on top of lettuce. I had a little left over the following day and enjoyed it more cold, as the dish was served warm.

Spring Roll.

If you order a specialty dish, you receive a complimentary spring roll. It wasn’t the tastiest spring roll ever, but the skin was crispy and light and it made me wonder if they make their own.

Pad Bai Gra Phao

Holy basil leaves, mushrooms, and onions stir fried in a ginger garlic sauce. I added beef and tofu. As far as the spice level I ordered, whatever it was, most likely it wasn’t hot enough since I don’t remember it. I enjoyed the meal, and the large mushrooms were quite nice. The beef wasn’t the most tender, however. But don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t chewing on overdone beef, either.

Thai Sweet Iced Tea

They offer Thai Sweet Iced Tea with free refills! That was something different. Always so tasty.

Complimentary Dessert.

Another pleasant surprise was the free dessert they give with your meal. There were a couple of choices, and I went with the old school ice cream sandwich. They also offer those gross pastel mints you always find at Asian restaurants. I’m a little shocked that they still exist.

There wasn’t anything I raved about. Some things I enjoyed, and others were just okay. So why do I hold this establishment at such a high ranking? At the risk of sounding amateur, looking over the menu gave me the sense that this place has more authentic offerings than any other in town, even if it’s just a couple items. Without exaggeration, there were so many different choices I wanted to try. That is usually a good sign of a great menu! A small little casual spot with very friendly service, and I would say low to medium price points. I very much look forward to going back and trying the other five+ dishes I wanted to try the first time!

Little Bangkok and Fish Sauce.

Little Bangkok is another Thai restaurant that I enjoy. It’s a small spot in the GR/Cascade area ¬†with a cute little bar and good Jasmine Tea.

Papaya Salad.
Papaya Salad.

This was the first and only time so far that I’ve had this kind of salad. Made with Thai Papaya, it also entails sweet tamarind sauce and tomatoes, carrots, and crushed peanuts. What initially attracted my attention was the “special fish sauce”. I love fish sauce! I also loved this dish. Flavors and texture were great, and the pooled sauce at the bottom of the plate had more citrus notes, which was even better. Described as “hot”, I didn’t notice any spice until halfway through. It’s the kind that builds. The papaya itself doesn’t have much of a distinctive taste but it’s a fantastic vehicle for other flavors.

Ginger Pad Prik Khing.
Ginger Pad Prik Khing.

They serve their tofu fried but I asked if I could get mine steamed, as I dislike the prior. I came in for lunch and I can’t remember if they have different sizes, but I did have to ask for additional side of rice as lunch sizes are usually too small for me. The sauce was too sweet for me, but it had enough saltiness to help combat that. I would also ask for it to be spicier next time. I think on this visit I requested “Hot”.

Their menu is large, and there are plenty of dishes I’m looking forward to trying on my next visit. Prices are reasonable, the interior is nice and modern, and the service was very friendly and warm!