La Lotería

La Lotería has been around for a year now, but I only discovered it recently. A Mexican ice cream and snack shop, it is located on 28th Street in Wyoming.


While the La Fresa Michoacana was really good, I actually preferred this one more. The sorbet was really good and the whole thing was more complex; sweet, tart, and spicy. I really enjoyed the tamarind candy, although my tongue was raw when I was finished with it. I couldn’t put it down!

There is so much offered at La Lotería, and it’s not restricted to only sweets.

I’m unsure if they make their own ice cream, which they have a large assortment of, but I do know that their many varieties of la paleta de cremas (popsicles) are homemade.

I really like this place, and there’s much more that I want to try. I’ve only been twice now, and both times I received friendly and fast service. I have read that they can get quite busy though, and they have a stack of numbers for waiting in line. Make sure to snag one if needed!

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