Forty Acres Soul Kitchen

Forty Acres is described as serving authentically American southern comfort food with a modern twist.

Located on Wealthy Street, I’ve only dined here once for dinner. Something that stood out to me immediately was the atmosphere; it wasn’t just the new and modern restaurant space, but it was the staff and the overall vibe. Genuine smiles and warmth emanated from the environment.


I love fat and I love chicken skin, so this was a no brainer.


There was a little mix up with my meal. I had ordered blackened catfish, but I received blackened chicken instead. I wasn’t paying close attention as I cut into the meat, because I was dining with my friend Paul and we were playing catch up. I noticed that the chicken was dry, and that’s when it hit me that it was chicken, not catfish. I did receive the catfish after I informed the server, and while the fish was tender, it was quite salty. The mashed potatoes were delicious.

I definitely want to visit again. The environment and staff were lovely, the atmosphere nice, and they have a full bar with a fun and informational cognac menu. I’m looking forward to trying their food again as well. It was good, but as of now I think the best soul food is at Candied Yam.