Sapporo Ramen & Noodle Bar

Considering that I have not yet had real ramen before (the time I had it in the Hong Kong airport doesn’t count), I was still pretty excited to hear that a ramen shop was going to open in GR, located on 28th Street. Originating in East Lansing, this restaurant features traditional noodles and recipes from the Sapporo region in Japan.


The edamame was good, but the Chicken Karaage was a little too greasy and sweet. Nathan agreed with me on this one as well.


I’ve been scaling back on a lot of animal and certain seafood consumption, but I wanted to give their Takoyaki just one try. The mayo sauce was far too sweet for me.


So on their soft opening, Nathan and I dined in for dinner that night with our friend Ha. I ordered the Orochon Brave, and I added sweet corn and steamed tofu. I was a little disappointed with my ramen, but Nathan and Ha both enjoyed theirs and said they would go back again. (I should mention that they both have been to Japan, so they are snobbish about their ramen.)


Now this. This ramen right here. The Orochon Miso. Delicious. I liked it so much I went back a couple days later to order the same thing, but with the addition of garlic oil, steamed tofu, and sweet corn. I would actually recommend it without the oil and tofu; while the garlic oil created an irresistible aroma, I think one of the added items, or both, kind of diluted the broth a bit. The Orochon Miso also has a nice spice level, as the Orochon Brave wasn’t remotely spicy.

Overall, I’m a fan. You may be confused, because with everything I tried so far, I disliked more dishes than I liked. That’s how much I like the Orochon Miso, though!

Be aware, prices are mid range and if you choose extra toppings and appetizers, it can really add up. As for the service, it has been very warm and very friendly! A welcome addition to Grand Rapids!