One Bourbon

At this point, saying that the west side of GR is booming will probably sound like an understatement. Bridge Street, specifically. When I go there now it’s almost incredible how different the area looks, and more importantly, feels.

There are new places popping up left and right. One of the newest ventures is called One Bourbon, and they are bringing the whiskey and bourbon movement with farm to fork dining to Grand Rapids.


For an appetizer Nathan and I shared the Pickles & Cheese plate, which we both enjoyed. The bread was fantastic, and I liked nearly everything on the plate (I’ve never been a fan of olives).


The cheese for this dish was milder, which was good. The chicken was very tender and fatty, so uh, I loved it. I also loved the fresh jalapenos in there, and the generous amount of it. The only thing I wasn’t wild about was the bbq glaze over everything. The dish would have been more enjoyable if the sauce was only over the chicken, or if there was a smaller amount of it.


For dessert, they have rotating kinds of pie, so we went with the Chocolate Mousse with vanilla ice cream on the side. Good stuff!

The service we received was great. Nathan and I went on a Saturday evening during prime dinner time, and we put our names in for a forty minute wait. The hostess let us know that we could grab a drink at the bar and head upstairs, where they have a large, sort of lounge area? There is also another bar in a separate room, but that didn’t look completely finished yet. The hostess came upstairs each time to let people know that their table was ready, which I thought was a nice touch. Our server did a good job as well. 

 The ambiance of the atmosphere is nice,  although the restaurant doesn’t appear to be completely finished yet. Be prepared,  the noise level on a full night is intense. It’s something that I don’t typically notice but Nathan did immediately. 

Overall I enjoyed my time here. I don’t think they’ve been open for even a week yet, so I’m interested in going back again when some time passes and see what it’s like then!