Food at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market!

Grand Rapids Downtown Market. What is it? Well, I’m feeling lazier than usual today, so the description of the Grand Rapids Downtown Market comes straight from their website:

“The Market is a mixed-use facility that brings together production, distribution, marketing and education about local produce. Our indoor facility features a 24-vendor market hall, while dozens of farmers and artisans line our outdoor farmer’s market shed. We offer several exceptional spaces throughout the site, including rentable incubator kitchens, rooftop greenhouses, and the nation’s first demonstration kitchen for kids (you have to see it to believe it). The Market is set to be LEED-certified (also the first in the nation), features a green roof, live walls, geotherm wells, rain gardens, and plenty of other innovative sustainable features.

We wanted our Market’s location to serve as a focal point within the city while revitalizing a previously neglected area. The Market continues to spark redevelopment of nearby properties while reintroducing community neighbors to a once underutilized Grand Rapids locale.”

So yeah, all those things. Now, the food!


Fish Lads.

Fish Lads Bivalves.

Fish Lads Closeup.

Fish Lads Mussels.

Their menu, (not cheap!), is full of different selections that showcase freshwater fish from the Great Lakes and high quality seafood from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. I love fresh oysters, so I adore the seating at the small bar right in front of their various bivalve selections! They also have a large case of beautiful and fresh catches that you can buy and take home with you to prepare for later.



Rak Thai.

The food here is described as being created by a Thai upbringing in an American childhood. I wasn’t crazy about the Mini-Mis but I did enjoy the Bangkok Tango. Also keep in mind that they do things quite spicy here! Much appreciated.




Not only tacos and tamales, Tacos El Cunado focuses on authentic Latin American foods using Michigan ingredients. They have a self serve salsa bar and grocery store items for purchase as well.


Love's Ice Cream.The first Michigan ice cream maker that creates ice cream, sorbets, sundaes, and cookies using organic and locally produced ingredients. They also offer vegan treats, and even their cones are handmade. Highly recommended is their mint ice cream, with real chunks of mint that Joe is enjoying, pictured above.

I really enjoy the Downtown Market. It’s trendy and expensive, but it’s something new to the city of Grand Rapids. Plus, you have one area with a high concentration of food options, and I’m always sold.