Let Me Explain Myself

I am Asian. I am a fat ass. Not physically obese, just mentally. Travel, cultures, learning, food and drinks are my loves. My palate is not very American, but I am indeed one, born and raised.

My appetite is insatiable and I plan my days around what I eat. I often get pangs of guilt when I come to realize my gluttonous behavior, but I can’t change what I am. I love food, and I am very critical of it as well. While I am consuming it I tend to dissect, praise, criticize, or analyze the dish in front of me, whichever action the plate warrants. A combination of all three, perhaps. However, I am not a chef. I honestly do not know how to cook. Culinary arts is not my profession. Hence my blog, JustAGrainOfSalt.

22 thoughts on “Let Me Explain Myself

      1. Aww, thanks! I love your writing style.
        I never even thought to look for local bloggers until you said that, it’s so cool seeing all these bloggers in GR. We should start an association….

  1. Hey lady, I don’t see your contact info so I’ll just leave this here. I met with a group of women bloggers from MI last month, and they’re planning to meet monthly from now on if possible, just to talk about blogging experience and whatever. Would you like to join us? Email me and I’ll send you a link to our private facebook page (ohshecooks at gmail dot com).

  2. If you’re still on the hunt for good pho, check out SaBai Laotian Cafe in Holland across from Dairy Queen. Their food in general is fantastic, but their pho is definitely worth trying. Slightly different than the Vietnamese versions I’ve had in that it has a LOT more herbs in it. Also, their fresh spring rolls are fantastic!

  3. HI!

    I work with Noodles & Company in Michigan. Currently, I’m looking to set up a sneak peek tasting for bloggers in the West Michigan area on October 2. We will be highlighting some new menu items along with several of our regular menu dishes. Please let me know if you are interested and I’ll get details to you. Thanks!

    1. Hi Michael, I apologize for the late reply! I would love to participate in this event but unfortunately, that is the week that I will be leaving for a trip overseas. But I really appreciate the invite and would love to be a part of that kind of event if one occurs again.

  4. Hi! I was just reading up on some of your blogs, I enjoy your writing style a lot. I am actually looking for bloggers like you to possibly visit out restaurant in Midland. Is that something you would ever be interesting in doing?

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