Tacos El Cuñado (Burton Street)

So I’m happy to say that I’ve found my favorite taco place! Taco El Cuñado, on Burton Street.

I owe my friend Alejandro a huge thank you for his recommendation. After the Garibaldi tripe thing, I asked him for his opinion, and he enthusiastically told me that the best ones could be found at Cuñado on Burton Street. After visiting three times, I wholeheartedly agree with him. The tripas tacos here are fantastic! Cleaned well and great texture. You can ask for it tender or crispy, or in-between! Also, their tortillas aren’t too greasy. Love it.

They also offer cabeza, or beef head. I mention this because it’s the only place I’ve seen it on the menu. It’s good but the tripe is my favorite.

There are several Tacos El Cuñado. I’ve only been to this one and the one at the Downtown Market. I’m not sure if all the owners are the same or related or what, but I have heard that there are definitely some locations that are better than the others.

They have good prices and good service. They have a small parking lot that can get packed, but you can usually find a spot on the street. Bonus, they also stay open late!

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