Al-Bos Eurocafe

Al-Bos stands for Albanian and Bosnian, which is the cuisine that this restaurant features. Located on 29th Street in Kentwood, I have driven past this site so many times and always wondered what it was. I’m glad I finally got to check it out!


The Burek was great, although I think the beef and sauteed onion filling was a little scarce. That could be the way it’s supposed to be, I have no idea. The dough was soft yet crispy, and not overly greasy.


Iceberg lettuce, which is always a bummer. Their vinaigrette, however, was really good.


The Cevapi is house-made beef and veal sausage with sour cream and onions on the side. The grilled Lepina bread is also made in house. I can’t remember what the red side was, but it was good. I don’t eat veal, but our server recommended this dish because it’s the most authentic item on their menu. I had to go for it. She also let me know that it’s not a sandwich, but more finger food. Well, it was delicious. The bread was wonderful and the sausage with all the sides tasted really good together.

The food was great, although not something I can have on a regular basis. It’s more meat and grease than I can typically handle. Our server was fantastic. Attached to the restaurant is a little bakery and market, selling their own breads, desserts and pastries. You can also buy groceries and packaged foods. They sell wine from Kosovo and Macedonia, which I have never had, so of course I had to try one!

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