Tamales Mary

So I kinda have this thing where I become fixated on a certain food and I don’t stop going after it until the next new obsession comes along. It can take months for me to get over it, sometimes years. My mom will attest to this, as she is so lucky to have raised me and experienced this endearing trait of mine. Subway sandwiches, Sichuan potatoes, pizza, pho, Ethiopian food. And now?

Tacos. Give me all the tacos.

I’ve had Taco Bell. What American hasn’t? I’m talking about authentic Mexican tacos. The type made with soft corn tortillas that comes with just meat or organs, onion, cilantro, and fresh squeezed lime. Simple and delicious.

So I’ve been running around town like an eager little newb, checking out taquerias and Mexican restaurants and trying all the tacos. So far, Tamales Mary located on Burton Street is one of my favorite spots!


I refrained from ordering Al Pastor tacos at first. I try not to eat pork anymore, but it’s not just that. I’ve had them in the past and the meat was always pulled, and served with pineapple chunks. I found them too sweet, and I’m also not a fan of pulled or shredded meat. So I was surprised when I tried this, because I loved it! The flavor and sauce was delicious, and the pork tender.

Another thing that I like about Tamales Mary are their tortillas. They are only lightly greasy, the perfect amount really.


I apologize for the non aesthetically pleasing photo, but I wanted to show what was inside. While I’ve never been a fan of tamales before, this one changed me. Very flavorful and not dry at all. And, I finally got to try mole sauce!



They have a dessert case with a variety of different types to choose from. I’ve never been a sweets person, but I wanted to try something new. The nice lady working saw me looking and came up to point out what everything was, and offered some recommendations. I went with this cake pictured above. I love flan but hate cake, so I was curious.

Typically, I’ll have two to three bites of cake and feel nauseated from all the sugar. This cake? I ate almost the whole thing. It was so good. Seriously! Incredibly moist, not too rich or sweet, and the flan was delicious. I saved a sliver of it and had some co-workers try it. Our opinions were unanimous.

They list the tacos as American style, but you can definitely get them Mexican style (only onion and cilantro). That’s the way I prefer them. Prices here are higher than most of the other authentic taco joints, but in general, the prices are still low.

Tamales Mary does specialize in tamales, so they have a large variety. They also have lunch and dinner buffets daily. Something else that’s a plus, is that they have Pozole and Menudo every day!

The service was friendly and helpful and I came in at an off time, so the food didn’t take long at all. I can’t wait to go back!

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