Squibb Coffee & Wine Bar

I’m not a big coffee drinker. If I do feel like partaking in the culture, I’ll have an iced Americano or just an iced brew. So as one would assume, I’m not one to frequent coffee shops often. However, I did like this place enough to want to post a little entry about it!

Newer and located in Uptown on Wealthy Street, Squibb is unique in the area because they also serve wine and beer. Along with that, you can find baked goods and a selection of different cheeses and meats.


I actually enjoyed this cheese board. I say that because I’m not typically a cheese or meat person. But bread, good crackers and those delicious bread pickles with mustard on there? I’ll eat all day long. However, the entirety of this selection was great and even though I wasn’t the one who ordered it, I couldn’t help but keep nibbling on it, even after I told my friend Alex that I was done eating his food.


This is actually a photo of Alex’ drink, as mine was just an Americano and not nearly as fancy looking. Tastewise though, mine was good! I was trying to be a responsible adult that day, so I didn’t get to look over or try any of their wines. Next time!

Justagrainofsalt’s Rating

Food: 4.5/5

Drinks: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 5/5

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