Harmony Hall.

Grand Rapids’ Harmony Brewing Company recently opened their second project, Harmony Hall, located in the West Side. Considering that I imbibe like it’s my freakin job, beer is surprisingly a scene that I don’t partake in. I know, what a waste of a GR resident, amirite?  What I can attest to, however, is the the food and enjoyable ambiance here.


I was very pleasantly surprised by the Peas and Carrots appetizer, and will order another one to myself the next time I visit. No sharing. The pancakes were more savory than I had expected, and these were my favorite part of the entire meal. Served with sweet potato puree, the dollop of creme fraiche was perfect with the pancake. Good stuff.


Of course I ordered the Braun Mi, as everyone knows that I am a huge Banh Mi fan. I ordered extra jalapenos so the sandwich was stuffed pretty full. The freshness of the ingredients was great, and the pate was nice, but I wasn’t crazy about the kimchi in there. The kimchi itself was good, I’d just prefer the sandwich without. What mildly killed the sandwich for me was the sauce, because there was just so much of it. I think banh mi and variations of it are amazing because of the lively flavors of fresh greens and tangy pickled vegetables. With the heavier sauce (in flavor and amount), all the prior is inadvertently snuffed out. The fries were pretty overdone as well, but the curry ketchup was good.

I did have a bite of the Che’s Baret, Harmony’s version of a Cubano sandwich, and it was fantastic. I will definitely order that the next time. The menu is heavily inspired by German cuisine, which  I’m not typically a fan of, but I love that there is also plenty of unique, global influence going on, such as Asian and Latino fare. They do fusion here very well!

The ambiance is wonderful. With two stories, Harmony Hall is just that; a grand hall that is comfortable, modern, laid back, and pretty. It just feels so nice being in there. The cocktail menu is fun and they do have a full bar as well. So far I’ve only received good service. What else? Their menu consists of food from local farms and suppliers, and they highlights those ingredients on the menu. I love that! So it is safe to say that Harmony Hall has already become one of my favorite spots in town.

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