Village Inn Pizza & Sports Grille.


Located in the Kentwood area,  I was really surprised when I first walked into Village Inn. Because of other restaurants and bars with the same name, I didn’t expect the new looking decor. There are plenty of highly hung flat screen tvs with a clear and loud sound system for all the sport fanatics out there. The food is similar to all the other pizza and sports bars in GR; their large menu also consists of sub sandwiches, appetizers, soups and salads, Mexican dishes and pasta entrees.


Their Margherita pizza is what I usually order, and it’s on a very thin crust. It’s not the most authentic version of the classic pizza, but I still like it. I especially appreciate the chunks of garlic they top it with. This pie is on their Specials, so I don’t know if it will become a permanent fixture. The pizzas are the only items I’ve tried here, and I’ve enjoyed them all. For the area, this sports bar is a better choice than others.

The service in this casual dining restaurant has always been good, and I bet this place fills up and gets rowdy during important sporting events! I, luckily, have been able to avoid those times.

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