Do You Like Banh Mi?


Banh mi is a Vietnamese and French fusion sandwich, a tasty result of the time period when the French had colonized Vietnam . From the western end, you have your baguette and pate. From the east, you have your pickled daikon and carrots, cilantro, fresh jalapeno, cucumber. The two sides do it, and then they make a delicious sandwich baby.


Located in what I think is called the Golden Plaza on Division, more people know it as the place where Chinese restaurant Wei Wei Palace is located. Ly’s is pretty much just a hole in the wall, with a vibrant and vast collection of various Vietnamese food wrapped in plastic. There is also a large array of packaged snacks and drinks. Limited seating can be found right outside the store.

I always order the Special Combination, which consists of the aforementioned ingredients but also sliced pork and pork belly. I may be incorrect on this but I don’t think she uses mayo, as many do, which is fantastic. Not a fan of mayo. Now, there have been a few inconsistencies with the freshness of ingredients. But my last visit, the photo above, everything was very fresh with plentiful portions and the pork belly was just, so great.

As far as I know, Ly’s is the only place in town to find banh mi. I love this little shop.  I’ve also had their banh cuon (rice paper crepes) which was delicious as well (I had them made fresh, not one of the plastic wrapped ones.) Oh, and did I mention that the sandwich costs 3 bucks? However, bring cash. As of now, they don’t take credit cards!

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