The Old Goat, Brand New!

The Old Goat, newly opened in the Alger Heights area, is the newest project from the owners of the popular Electric Cheetah on Wealthy Street. They are brand new, so when Nathan and I dined here this past Saturday afternoon, they were still offering their Soft Opening Menu.


I was a bit in awe when we first walked into the place. Everything was brand new, of course, but also contemporary and country-ish (?) and gorgeous. (I’m definitely no interior decorator.) The high ceilings, large floor plan, and design reminded me of a couple of spots I have dined at in Chicago.


At first I thought the butter was too sweet, but once the jalapeno made it’s presence known I enjoyed this much more.


Sweet and spicy cajun fries with four dipping sauces. These were addicting. I’ve been pretty aioli’d out (that’s a word, right?), so I preferred them without the dipping sides.


Shrimp, andouille sausage, peas, jalapenos, tomatoes, black eyed peas, corn, and a crab claw set in smoked tomato paste and hock broth with basmati rice and crusty bread. The bread was chewy, with no crunch to it, and since all the sauce had soaked up into everything else in the pot (none left for the baguette!) it was a little pointless for me. I think they could do with half the size. The jambalaya itself was great; flavorful, nicely spiced and with big fresh shrimp and well cooked basmati. (I want to note that I’ve never had authentic jambalaya so I cannot speak for that comparison.) The cast iron skillet came equipped with a small claw cracker thing and I recommend not using it if you don’t know what you’re doing. Wear protective eye wear.

The menu carries heavy Southern inspiration, with some German as well, and to be honest there wasn’t much else on it that intrigued me. I am curious to see what their menu will look like after the Soft Opening and I will definitely go back to check that out. The prices are reasonable, and our server did a good job. We were sat at a small two top that was wedged in between other two tops; I am not a fan of that kind of seating. I don’t think anyone is, or perhaps it bothers me more because I hate most people and their idiotic conversations. Other than that, I enjoyed my dining experience and I’m happy a new restaurant opened up in the Alger Heights area!

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