Kitchen 67 Michigan Bistro.

Kitchen 67 is owned by the same company as Brann’s Steakhouse. However, the difference from the chain restaurant is that Kitchen utilizes locally sourced products for their menu. They also use local spirits and brews, not only for their bar menu but for their dishes as well. I’m not gonna lie, my expectations weren’t high; I can’t even remember the last time I ate at a Brann’s. High school, maybe? Which was a long time ago.


I enjoyed the burger! (I added fresh onions, which I don’t think are normally on it.) I don’t know what they season the meat with, but I really liked it. The fries were a little disappointing though. The flavor was good but they were just a bit stale, barely hot, like they had been sitting out for a while.


For dessert I had this martini glass of deliciousness. Ice cream with fried sugared dough chunks, or elephant ears. It made me happy.


Kitchen’s version of a Manhattan. It was really good!

Overall I enjoyed my dining experience here. The interior is spacious, modern and pretty and our server did a good job. Most importantly, the food and drink did not disappoint! For the most part, anyway. I don’t think this place is super special, but I do respect the effort. Coming from a large chain already gives some people a stigma about this place (stuck up jerks! namely….me), but you can never judge until you actually go and try it, right?

3 thoughts on “Kitchen 67 Michigan Bistro.

  1. I couldn’t knowingly support business owners who are very anti gay or don’t align with my social beliefs that I’m passionate about. Brann owners are known to be very anti gays.

    1. I’ve never heard that. Everyone knows about Chick A Fil, but again I haven’t heard that about Brann’s. While I don’t think you’re wrong ( you know how liberal I am) if a group is out there and attacking or campaigning against deserved equality, and I actually hear about it, then yes I wouldn’t go there. However, I’m sure there are some places that I love to frequent that don’t align with my political or religious issues. (I mean come on, old school Asians? :P) I can’t let that govern my food choices. That wouldn’t be very practical, in my view.

  2. I would say this blog is dead-on! I went in thinking the same and had the same experience. I did NOT, however, have that martini of delisciousness. Looks like I should go back.

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