The New Gravity Taphouse and Grille!

The newest dining establishment from the RedWater Restaurant Group, Gravity is all about craft beer and upscale pub food. Even though the main focus are the brews, they still have an expansive bar full of wines and liquor as well. They haven’t been open long, and seem to have been consistently busy since day one!


The tater tots were great. They are the only form of potato I have never had a love for; I blame my elementary school. However, I was pleasantly surprised by these. I built my own pizza, and it was okay. I wasn’t crazy about the sauce. The fries were good although nothing special, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We received good service and one of the first things you notice about the place is their look. Big and modern, pretty, a hip vibe but at the same time there is still that chain restaurant feel to it. Prices are mid-range to a little high. It’s a nice place, but there wasn’t that oomph that has made it anything special for me. There are a couple of Fork Food dishes that I want to try, so who knows. Perhaps my second visit will change my mind.

2 thoughts on “The New Gravity Taphouse and Grille!

  1. My dad has been wanting to try this place, and it’s the only RedWater restaurant so far that has clearly marked vegan items on the menu (maybe the only one that actually has already-vegan items on the menu). So, I do hope the fork food is good!!

  2. I agree – I’ve been there several times. I love the interior and those truffle tator tots are killer! I’m looking forward to the patio opening. I just can’t find anything else on the menu I really like. I’m going to keep trying though.

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