A New Restaurant Called Chen’s Gourmet Buffet!

I know what you’re thinking; is she really doing another Chinese buffet post?

Yeah! And?

On Christmas day, Nathan and I were driving around looking for some eats. Every American knows that Chinese restaurants are usually open on this holiday, right? Well, my first two choices, Chuancai Fang and Mandarin, were closed. Good for them! Sad for us. Driving on 28th Street, we turned around and that was when I noticed Chen’s. It caught my attention because:

A. I’ve never seen it/ noticed it before and

B. The name is different. It’s not a China Hunan Wall Wok Garden Tasty Happy.

Plate 1.
Plate 1.
Plate 2.
Plate 2.
Plate 3.
Plate 3.
Nice new interior.
Nice new interior.

Not the cheapest buffet, but I believe it’s worth it. I rarely go for poultry but their Bourbon Chicken was fantastic. I love fatty chicken skin and that’s exactly what I got. Clams were great, I don’t think I bit down on anything gritty once. Garlic green beans are always a must. Judging by the photos, I liked their eggrolls because I got a second one. They have delicious soft serve here, better than at other buffets. I indulged in two of them. But sadly, no cones.

We got there right before noon so everything was fresh. You could hear Chinese pop music blaring from their kitchen, which I was amused by. The interior is new and here’s something different about this Chinese restaurant- they have a drive thru!

I’m really liking this place so far, and I’ve had that chicken on my mind for a while now. Check Chen’s out and let me know what you think!

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