Flatlanders Barstillery.

When I first stepped foot into this new-ish establishment, I was surprised and really admired the interior. Think modern with a little bit of hillbilly. This barstillery makes their own booze with local organic grains and fruits. It’s been a while since I tried their bourbon. It didn’t wow me, but I did enjoy it. My friend Frankie ordered their white whiskey and…hm. I learned I’m not a white whiskey fan.

Hillbilly Poutine

I rarely indulge in poutine because there is always a plethora of richness going on, but Flatlander’s version is pretty good! Still a hearty dish, the fries were very crispy, the gravy savory as well as the beer cheese, and the sweet pickled jalapenos were a nice contrast. There was also bacon and a nice fried egg.

House-made sausage with pretzel bun.

The Kielbasa was dry for my taste and the pretzel bun was heavy and bland. The potato salad was too sweet and not very multidimensional. Yes, I did just use multidimensional as a descriptor for potato salad. Yup.

Ol’ Fashioned

The Ol’ Fashioned was delicious. There is a spiced and sweeter take on it that I’m not used to, but thumbs up!

I do enjoy it at Flatlanders. The service is always friendly and it’s a fun spot to drink at with a nice feel. It’s also a refreshing change for Michigan Street bars. As far as food, I’m still 50/50.  However, Frankie had their deep fried pickles and he will probably tell you that they are mighty tasty and the best he’s ever had. Was he being genuine, or was it that frightening white whiskey talking? Check it out yourself!

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