Ireland Part Two.


Nathan and I booked another great spot to stay on Airbnb for Dingle.  We were so lucky to experience not only the town, but the greater surrounding area. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Dingle Peninsula is insanely stunning. My photos and videos truly don’t do justice. Not only that, but being the small town it is, Dingle is turning into a little foodie spot!


Ashe's Bar App
ASHE’S BAR & RESTAURANT- Ballydavid Crab Trio.
Ashe's Bar Side
ASHE’S BAR & RESTAURANT- Accompaniment of main dish.
Ashe's Bar Special
ASHE’S BAR & RESTAURANT- Asian Hake Special. I’m a little ashamed to say that I was quite surprised when I first tried this. Not only was it delicious but also authentic and harmonious to Asian flavors.
Global Village Oysters
THE GLOBAL VILLAGE RESTAURANT- Michelin reccommended establishment. The oysters were fantastic as was the sauce. However, I still love my oysters completely naked, or with a quick squeeze of lemon.
Global Village Entree
Global Village Dessert
THE GLOBAL VILLAGE RESTAURANT- Three scoops of in-house made ice cream. I can’t remember the flavors but I was quite impressed. Very good.
CONOR PASS- Ireland’s highest mountain pass. Breath taking.


The capital of Ireland and its largest city, I loved the laid back feeling of this big modern place.


Copper Alley Special
COPPER ALLEY- Roast Beef Special. Lots of potatoes, but in my world, there is never too much! I loved this dish.
Toto App
TOTO RISTORANTE ITALIANO- Sauteed mushroom appetizer. Yummy.
Toto Entree
TOTO RISTORANTE ITALIANO- Fettucinie al Frutti di Mare. Nathan wasn’t wild about his entree but I really liked mine.
Toto Dessert
TOTO RISTORANTE ITALIANO- Dessert was okay. By the way, the restaurant isn’t as smoky as it looks. I didn’t realize at the time how dirty my phone camera lens was.
Lee Kee's Pancakes
LEEKEE CHINESE RESTAURANT- Scallion Pork Pancake. On our last night in Ireland, and holy cow was I missing Asian food! Leekee’s was great, although not as cheap as most other Chinese places I’ve been.
Lee Kee's
LEEKEE CHINESE RESTAURANT- Garlic Jelly Fish. It was a little sweeter here than what I’m used to but it was still good. This dish is one of my favorites of all time.
Lee Kee's Delicious
LEEKEE CHINESE RESTAURANT- Steam Fillet Fish and Tofu (with steamed rice). My favorite meal of the entire trip. Omg it was freakin delicious. Seriously.
DUBLINA- We learned a lot about Vikings and medieval Dublin!

If you don’t mind dining in early, most places serve an Early Bird Menu that usually lasts until 5pm. You can save some money that way, as those menus are lower priced. As mentioned earlier, Ireland isn’t cheap!

I rarely hear Nathan say that he loves something, so imagine my surprise when he recently stated that he loved Ireland. We take our trips in October because that’s when plane tickets seem to be at the lowest prices. However, I would really love to visit again in the summer. I will always prefer cool weather over hot, which is part of the reason why we both enjoyed Ireland so much, but I bet it’s even more beautiful here in summer.

I also learned a lot of history on this trip, such as the history or Dublin, the Vikings, and the Great Blasket. I love learning like I love food. And I love Ireland. The end.


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