Why Haven’t I Been To Raad’s Mediterranean Grill Sooner?

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern, Raad’s in East Hills has been open for about a year. For the majority of that time I didn’t know this place existed. When I saw a posting on Craigslist from them looking to hire new staff, I was incredibly confused; it says that this place is really close to my house, but I’ve never even heard of it! Is this a scam?

Turns out that no,  Raad’s certainly does exist, and yes, I am sorry that I didn’t know about this restaurant sooner! But better late than never, right?

Garlic Dip.
Garlic Dip.

Not my favorite garlic dip but still very good nonetheless. They make theirs with egg white, garlic, lemon, and seasonings. Served with large pieces of thin bread that were crispy on the bottom and soft on top.

Lamb & Beef Jambalaya
Lamb & Beef Jambalaya

Off the lunch menu, I ordered their Lamb & Beef Jambalaya. I was actually deterred from this dish at first because of its name. It’s not that I don’t like the traditional Creole dish, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. After some hesitation I ordered it anyway because the description just sounded too good. Lamb and beef sauteed with garlic, mushrooms, peppers, saffron rice and topped with fresh onion, tomatoes, and herb. I am so thankful that I went ahead and ordered this dish because it was freakin delicious! I was a little shocked when I took my first bite. Flavorful, vibrant, savory but not heavy. I also ordered the dish to be spicy. Loved it! I chose to have mine plated, as opposed to put in a wrap, and you can choose two sides with the dish. I chose more saffron rice and hummous. The latter was okay. I’ve never been a hummous fan and have only tried maybe two in my entire life that I enjoyed. The saffron rice was good and different from any of tried so far. Do they season it with cinnamon, perhaps? I couldn’t place it, but I was also too distracted to really focus on it.

The chef who prepared my dish also gave me a complimentary side of their Raad’s House Salad, and after trying it I immediately knew why. Because it was incredibly delectable! He must have known it was my first time dining there. Otherwise, why wouldn’t I have ordered it? He got me hooked, and I owe big thanks for that. A mix of Mujadara and pomegranate with parsely, chips, radish, veggies and olive oil. Light, fruity, citrus-y with a great texture.

Turkish Coffee
Turkish Coffee
View From Bar Seating
View From Bar Seating

The interior is nice looking and cozy. They have bar style seating right up against their front windows that offer a nice view of East Hills. I find the prices to be reasonable, and I went in during an off time so the food came out at a good pace. I don’t think they serve alcohol. Raad’s focus is on serving some of the finest traditional and fresh food, and I believe they deliver. I really like this place, and if you haven’t been here yet, I strongly recommend that you go asap!

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