Indonesian Street Food at Rickshaw Republic!

Oh my gosh I loved this restaurant. I wish we had one in Grand Rapids.

In Chicago and visiting Joe, we went to an Indonesian restaurant he had heard good things about. Located within walking distance from his place in Lincoln Park was a plus, but we almost didn’t find it. If I recall correctly, there was nothing with it’s exterior to draw attention to the establishment. However, when we walked in it was a completely different story. 



We were sat at a small two top tucked off to the side so we got plenty of views of the gorgeous Asian interior. I was a bit in awe, and noticed others taking pictures as well. 


Rickshaw Apps.

rickshawwrap Rickshaw Wrap.

rickshawcurrychicken Rickshaw Rice.

Rickshaw Smoothie.

Everything we ordered was fantastic! Focused on traditional Indonesian street food, their menu is broken up into sections such as Side Street, Main Street, Satay Stall, and Rice Table. Clever theme! Our server did a good job and was very welcoming, warm and helpful. The prices are reasonable. I don’t believe they serve alcohol, and you know what? I don’t even care! I’m in love with the place, and I can’t wait to dine here again. There are so many dishes I need to try. Why oh why are you so far away, Rickshaw Republic?

8 thoughts on “Indonesian Street Food at Rickshaw Republic!

  1. Indonesian rice table is actually a Dutch word for “Indonesian Rijsttafel” which is Sumatra food (or we usually call nasi padang) serves in many small portion. Many foreigners do not like this as these are pre-cooked food. Please go to Bali you will love the place and their food.

  2. Tacking onto what brushes and papers said, nasi Padang is precooked AND has been possibly sitting around for hours. In other words, very attractive for bugs.

    In any event, it’s by far the most common regional cuisine in Jakarta, and there’s plenty of variety amongst the dishes. If you want a relatively cleaner setting, try the “Garuda” chain.


  3. I’d like to clarify a little about this.. As most of Padang food are cooked in coconut milk, they tend to spoil easily if not stored in right temperature as they are pre-cooked food. It is not bugs attracted food.

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