Over On the Other Side of State At Cass Cafe.

I’m sick of calling the boyfriend by the name “The Boyfriend”, so let’s do a big reveal now, shall we? Nathan. His name is Nathan. There.

So Nathan used to live in Detroit years ago, and attended school at the College For Creative Studies. He’s really loyal to the city and the surrounding ones as well. I was genuinely excited to be able to visit some of his favorite old haunts while we were in town for a concert. One of those spots is Cass Cafe, located very close to the private school he attended. The atmosphere makes that very apparent as you receive an artsy vibe in there, with mostly students on staff. The menu is eclectic and unique, which I always appreciate.

Asian Vegetarian Spring Rolls.

The Asian Vegetarian Spring Rolls were interesting. They were most likely store bought, served with seaweed salad and emerald green wasabi. There was also some coconut milk on the dish. They might have been trying too hard with this one.

Salad With Caesar Dressing.
Salad With Caesar Dressing.

The greens for the salad were fresh, and the Caesar dressing for the salad was great. Vinaigrette based as opposed to cream, and there were chunks of garlic, cheese, and perhaps anchovies? The only thing I didn’t like were the dried little clumps of fish, which I thought wasn’t necessary. I enjoyed the flavor, but not the texture so much.

New Orleans Seafood Linguine.
New Orleans Seafood Linguine.

My main entree was ordered off their Specials Menu, the New Orleans Seafood Linguine. The mussels and shrimp were juicy and of good quality and the mushrooms and big pieces of wilted spinach was another big plus. The sauce was a type of pesto, which I’m normally not crazy about, but on this plate it was tasty and nicely balanced. I really enjoyed this dish. The toasted bread was a nice touch too, as I can never get enough starch into my body.

The service was very friendly and the atmosphere quite casual. There is also a full bar, which is always nice. Overall I had a good time here, and I can see why it’s one of Nathan’s favorite restaurants. Cass Cafe is definitely a spot I’d like to visit again.



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