Been to Bamboo yet? This Vietnamese & Thai restaurant is located on Division Avenue. And before I go into anything else, I must make an important statement:

Do not order the pho. 

Now, don’ t think that this review is going to be a negative one. However, if you are indeed a fan of this famous Vietnamese noodle soup, you will be disappointed here. It’s only decent. Of course, this is in comparison to other places I frequent. I have had worse, and I have had much much better. Still, if you’ve never had it, or perhaps you just have a crappy palate, you might actually enjoy it.

Moving on.

Bamboo Clam App.

Clam appetizer. The minced garlic was great but overall it was too salty and I kept biting down on bits of shell?

Bamboo Soup.

This soup came with my entree, and it was freaking delicious. Spiced nicely, peppery with cilantro, green onions and rice. I wish I could eat this every day.

Bamboo Bun Dac Biet.

Bun Dac Biet. Char-grilled pork with pork meatballs, egg roll, mint, shredded pork, lettuce, and bean sprouts over vermicelli noodles. You can drizzle or pour the sauce over your bowl, which is on the sweet side. I think there is fish sauce in it as well. I love this dish. The simple vermicelli noodles with the different types of pork, the crispy salty egg roll, and mint and bean sprouts to freshen and liven everything up. Of course you add fish sauce, and what an eclectic and delicious bowl of food!

The interior is interesting and a little busy. The service here is always warm and there is a sweet lady who walks around to check on all the tables. I’m guessing she is the owner. Their prices are at a $-$$ range. So again, if you’re looking for pho, don’t come here. If you’re looking for good food and hospitable service? Bamboo it is.

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