Fine Seafood Dining at Leo’s.

My first time at Leo’s, located in downtown Grand Rapids. I love seafood, especially bivalves! Fresh oysters, clams and mussels are some of my favorite foods. I can be pretty picky though, so if they are fried or breaded or heavily sauced in any way, I will usually skip over them.


I dined here with the boyfriend and I really wanted to try escargot for the first time, so we started with the Wild Mushroom Escargot. The snails are sauteed in garlic butter with sun dried tomatoes, asparagus, spinach and goat cheese served with crostini. I didn’t really find anything special about this dish. The escargot was how I pretty much imagined it to be, lightly earthy in flavor and a little rubbery in texture. The sauce was lively and I loved the mushroom and spinach. The crostinis seemed a little stale.


Leo's Surf and Turf.The complimentary bread served here comes out piping hot and is pretty fantastic. Lightly herbal and incredibly soft and moist.

My main course was Leo’s Surf & Turf. The filet was good and the lobster was tender, albeit a little too salty. I chose spaetzle for one of the sides, and I barely ate any of it. It was too rich, if that makes sense, too heavy with the steak and lobster. Thankfully there was asparagus to bring more balance to the meal.

Leo's Dessert

We ordered Rubies & Cream to finish our meals and it was delicious. Ice cream with shortcake and raspberries and a wine reduction. They have their own pastry chef that makes all their desserts.

Overall, I found the whole meal to be severely heavy and I left not feeling great. Yes, everything I ate was due to my choices, so if I were to go back again I know to order some lighter fare instead of rich dishes for all three courses. The service was professional but slow, and there were a couple times I felt we were being neglected. The space is massive, modern, dim, and after a short while you get the feeling you’re in a hotel. If you’re looking for a nice upscale seafood place, Leo’s is a good bet.

On a side note, what I’m really looking for is seafood in the style of South American cuisine. Does such a place exist in Grand Rapids?

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