Little Bangkok and Fish Sauce.

Little Bangkok is another Thai restaurant that I enjoy. It’s a small spot in the GR/Cascade area  with a cute little bar and good Jasmine Tea.

Papaya Salad.
Papaya Salad.

This was the first and only time so far that I’ve had this kind of salad. Made with Thai Papaya, it also entails sweet tamarind sauce and tomatoes, carrots, and crushed peanuts. What initially attracted my attention was the “special fish sauce”. I love fish sauce! I also loved this dish. Flavors and texture were great, and the pooled sauce at the bottom of the plate had more citrus notes, which was even better. Described as “hot”, I didn’t notice any spice until halfway through. It’s the kind that builds. The papaya itself doesn’t have much of a distinctive taste but it’s a fantastic vehicle for other flavors.

Ginger Pad Prik Khing.
Ginger Pad Prik Khing.

They serve their tofu fried but I asked if I could get mine steamed, as I dislike the prior. I came in for lunch and I can’t remember if they have different sizes, but I did have to ask for additional side of rice as lunch sizes are usually too small for me. The sauce was too sweet for me, but it had enough saltiness to help combat that. I would also ask for it to be spicier next time. I think on this visit I requested “Hot”.

Their menu is large, and there are plenty of dishes I’m looking forward to trying on my next visit. Prices are reasonable, the interior is nice and modern, and the service was very friendly and warm!

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