Hey Guess What? A Breakfast Spot I Like! The Red Geranium.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous entry, I’m not a breakfast person. Waffles, pancakes, egg stuff, maple syrup, bacon, hollandaise; I just don’t get it. And French toast? Sick! There are a couple of breakfast and brunch spots in town that have an endless following of drones, which I will never understand. The Red Geranium is different, though. I love me some skillets.

Southwestern Skillet.

The Southwestern Skillet is my favorite selection on their menu. Spicy chorizo sausage, potatoes, onions, eggs and cheddar. Served with a choice of side, I usually order tortillas so I can make little skillet-y burritos. I also ordered toast, because I just can’t get enough starch into my body, can I? The skillet may not sound super special but trust me, it’s so good. One of the best parts? The chorizo is actually a little bit spicy! What a shock!

Red Geranium is located kind of far out in the GR area. It’s much closer to the boyfriend’s house than mine, so I don’t go that often. When we do go, there is usually a wait but nothing crazy. It’s a large space with fast servers/bussers so the turnover rate isn’t usually an issue. They also have a bunch of cooks working in an open kitchen, so food comes out at a decent to speedy pace as well. If you’re ever out around the Gaines Township area, check this spot out. I think it’s better than most.

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