A New Taqueria called Donkey.

There’s a new taqueria in town! Donkey has been open for just a couple months now, set in the popular Heritage Hill area on Wealthy Street. The menu selection is on the small size, with a handful of options for different kinds of tacos, tostadas, tortas, and starters. Some people like “limited” menus, some do not. I myself enjoy all kinds, though the boyfriend is one who can be discouraged by it. C’est la vie.

Donkey Sauce.
Donkey Sauce.

After you order your food, there are three sauces brought out to the table. One was habanero, the middle a mild green one, and the last was chipotle based. I assumed the habanero was going to be the best because of the spice, but then I smelled and tasted the chipotle. Smoky and complex and oh so good. Seriously.

Tostada, Goat, Potato, Fish.
Tostada and Tacos.

First of all, it must be said that the corn tortillas here are just simply fantastic. I keep forgetting to ask when I’m in, but I’m fairly certain they are made in-house. Might sound silly to some, but when I have tacos, the shell is usually a deal maker or breaker.

  • Tostada De Pollo- I ordered this because it’s made with chicken thigh. It also comes with re-fried beans, which I’ve never been a fan of but I wanted to give it a try anyway. The whole thing proved to be too salty for me, but the boyfriend enjoyed it.
  • Taco De Papas- This wasn’t on their physical menu when we came in, but our server explained that it was a special that would be an addition soon. This one was my favorite by far. Made with potatoes and, if I’m remembering correctly, onions, poblanos, serrano sauce, and cheese. This taco was incredibly flavorful with a lot going on.
  • Taco De Pescado= A battered fish taco, it wasn’t anything special but I liked it. I appreciate that even though the fish is coated the taco is still light in taste and texture.
  • Taco De Birria- Made with goat, this was the first one that ever caught my attention, and is my second favorite menu item. I was lucky to be invited to Donkey’s soft opening, which is when I first had this, and it was great! This time in, I think there was too much goat for me. I am one where the protein is a side, not the main focus, so I like my tacos to have just as much (or more!) starch, veggies, and herbs than meat.

I was still hungry after that so I ordered two more tacos and fortunately for me, the prices are quite reasonable. They have a cool bar set up and a drink menu with plenty of house-made margaritas, beers, and a nice wine selection as well. When I was there for the soft opening I ordered a bourbon, and the only one they had was Makers.  I don’t know if the bar is going to have more selection or remain as is.  The space is small with a very nice modern interior. As for parking, I haven’t had a problem with it yet but I’m curious to see if it will be aggravating for some, as it’s solely on street.  Overall, I’m very happy about this new addition to the neighborhood. The food is fresh and delicious, prices cheap, the service is friendly, and it’s a fun drinking spot as well!

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