A New Restaurant Called Wok N Salsa? I Had to Check It Out.

*1/27/14: So the boyfriend and I drove by this place on Saturday and there is a new sign for this restaurant that reads Fusion 28. So, new name or new restaurant entirely? I don’t know but if you read the last paragraph of this entry, you may find this event a little funny. I certainly do.

A while back, I kept noticing a new restaurant that had opened up on 28th Street. The sign for the up and coming business stated it’s name to be Wok N Salsa. I was very intrigued. Asian and Mexican fusion food, hopefully? Unfortunately for me, that was not the case.

This new restaurant states that it is Mexican Asian Fusion, but not in the way that I was excited about. The dishes themselves are not fusion; their menu selection is. They have a Mexican Cuisine section, a Stir Fry one, and even a Burger and Sandwiches category.

Spring Rolls.
Spring Rolls.

The boyfriend and I ordered the Spring Rolls to start. The skin was crispy and light, and the filling flavorful and almost soupy. There was something I tiny bit off that I couldn’t place, but besides that I really enjoyed them.

Hot and Sour Soup.
Hot and Sour Soup.

The soup came with my meal. I grew up eating the crap out of this stuff, so my standards are high. It was good, and I really enjoyed the big pieces of fresh mushroom they put in theirs. Many places use canned mushrooms, which I also enjoy, but this was a refreshing change. There was also a nice spice to the broth.

Curry Bowl.
Curry Bowl.

My main dish was pretty disappointing. The description of the Curry Bowl says that it is a Thai style of dish, which it is very much not. It was boring and bland and not something I wanted to finish.

Mongolian Beef.
Mongolian Beef.

The boyfriend ordered the Sizzling Mongolian Beef, and I tried some. (I also took all his chili peppers. I’m salivating right now just thinking about it.) On the sweet side, it was good but not really my thing. However, I can see this dish being popular with the masses.

When we dined here it was pretty empty, so I can’t really say much about the atmosphere. It was also during their brand new phase. There was a large empty space when we first walked in, but the rest of the restaurant is furnished nicely enough. Plenty of tvs on everywhere with the volume up, so you got the feeling of being in a sports bar. They advertise plenty of drink specials, although the mixed cocktail I ordered was kind of terrible. Hopefully they get that tweaked. This restaurant is interesting, and I am curious of how well it will do. I feel that their identity hasn’t solidified yet, and  (stating the obvious) that they will be much better off if they focus better on what they really want to be.

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