Mexican Food at Cabaña Tres Amigos!

The Cabin of Three Friends! At least, that’s what Google Translate tells me. This restaurant is my go to spot for Mexican food. I usually order something different every time I come here, and I haven’t been disappointed yet. It’s a larger space, with a bar area as well. The service here is mostly friendly, and the atmosphere is casual and more family oriented.

Chips and Salsa.
Chips and Salsa.

Complimentary chips and salsa start a meal, and I always end up eating too much of them. The salsa is quite good, fresh tasting, and I think they make it themselves. I love the cilantro in it. The tortilla chips seem to be housemade as well; light and crispy, not overly salty or thick.

NY Strip Kabob.
NY Strip Kabob.

I tried the NY Strip Kabob for this time out. Their portions are on the large side, and this dish was no exception. I was a little stunned when it arrived, and it garnered a couple of stares from a neighboring table.

I love the Mexican rice here. It’s flavorful, soft and light. The cheese stuffed jalapenos were really good but I recommend that they be consumed while still hot. They weren’t great after they cooled down. The pico de gallo was fresh and the pineapple and cilantro was a surprisingly good duo. The quality of steak was okay, and it was difficult for me to cut through the pieces. However, that was entirely my fault. My dumb ass ordered my meat to be rare. On a skewer? Yeah, no. Apparently, that doesn’t work out so well, and there is a reason beef on skewers are cooked at least to a medium. It’s not filet mignon. Lesson learned!

It’s not often that I crave Mexican cuisine, but when I do I go to Cabanas and I always leave happy that I made the decision to do so. Just remember, try not to go through more than one basket of the chips and salsa. Even I have to save room for their dishes here!

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