Slightly Drunken Entry Involving What? Mr. Pizza and a Bottle of My Favorite Wine, an Amarone!

So I fell asleep around 9pm, which is always a mistake for me. Any time I go to slumberland before midnight, I wake up 3 to 4 hours later. It’s like my body is asking me why I’m acting like an old person and wakes me up in bitter protest. Of course, this happens the day before I clock in early for a double at work. It usually does. What to do to lure my sleepiness back so that I can at least gain a two or three hour nap? Drink wine and eat pizza. Duh.

Mr. Pizza is located close to my house, and they stay open until 3am daily, with the exception of Saturdays, where they stay up until 4am. The wait is usually longer than others, and I think it’s because they can get quite busy. Usually with delivery they tell you 45 minutes, but it’s more like 20. Here when they tell you a time, they mean it, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Mr. Pizza mushroom pizza with my ghost pepper powder.
Mr. Pizza mushroom pizza with my ghost pepper powder.

Ghost pepper is a must, and I put it on nearly everything when I eat here.

The pizza is good. Sauce is on the sweeter side. The cheese is thick and is the kind that hardens into a solid piece as soon as it cools, but works well with the sauce. The mushrooms are very canned mushroom-y, which I love. Big, thick and semi rubbery. And as I read what I just wrote I feel the need to confirm that I am indeed still talking about mushrooms. Geez.

The crust was good. I ordered the traditional style, which was a little chewy. Unlike Carraba’s, it wasn’t that way because it was undercooked. I chose to have the crust seasoned with garlic and parmesan, which adds a lot of deliciousness to a pizza pie.

Capitel de Roari Amarone.
Capitel de Roari Amarone.

My friend bought me this bottle of wine for my birthday. As of now, it’s my favorite. Capitel De Roari, which is an Amarone. Italian, of course. I came across it at a Vintage Wine wine show in town and fell in love with it immediately. I don’t buy it myself, because I’m Asian, which means I’m stingy. I stick to the 7 to 12 dollar bottles of wine usually, so this one is a treat. It is sold for about $35 retail, more or less, and you can find it at specialty wine shops and the one fancy Cascade Meijer on 28th Street.

I re-read this post about five times, so no inebriated typos should be found. I hope everyone is having a good sleep and I’m not jealous at all. Bye.

6 thoughts on “Slightly Drunken Entry Involving What? Mr. Pizza and a Bottle of My Favorite Wine, an Amarone!

  1. Wait, Asians are stingy too? I thought Arabs and Dutch folk had that market cornered (perfectly PC for me to say that since I’m half Arab, and my best friend is a stingy Dutch chick and we just LOVE bargain shopping together).

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