Pho Challenge #2. Pho Anh Trang.

Fried Dumpling.
Fried Dumpling.

I ordered the Fried Dumplings to start. They normally come with six, but I got the last ones in the house. It was fine, because they are larger in size. Even though they were deep fried and very greasy, I still enjoyed them. The skin had a nice taste and was good with the oil they used. The filling was quite meaty and tangy, just slightly sour.

The fixings.
The fixings.

The accompaniments they serve with pho here is chili oil, Thai basil, ngo gai (culantro), lime, jalapenos, and bean sprouts. Everything was fresh.

Special Combination Pho.
Special Combination Pho.

Before any alterations, I tried the broth first. Flavorful, savory, and only the tiniest hint of sweetness most likely due to the white and green onions. Then I try the noodles. Good stuff. Then the meat. Again, most of the rare slices were cooked through by the time it got to me, which is an unhappy occasion. However, the meat was quite tender, even the well done slices! Also, the cuts were fatty with the tendon still attached. I love that! I adore my fatty meats.

My pho after my add ons.
My pho after my add ons.

My bowl after adding all the fixings. Be careful if you want to add chili oil. I push all the chili to one side of the small dish and let the oil pool onto the other side. Then I scoop all the peppers into my bowl of pho so it still adds the fantastic spice. Too much of the oil and you will mute the entire dish.

I always receive good service here, and as of now, the prices are quite low. For pho, anyway. When they had their Grand Opening earlier this year they offered all their pho for half off. Currently, the special is still intact. It’s a great deal. The pho here is great. Who’s next?


3 thoughts on “Pho Challenge #2. Pho Anh Trang.

  1. Found your blog after having eaten at Pho Anh Trang for the first time. I didn’t have pho the first time I was there, so I went back for lunch to try it. Fantastic! Great blog!

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