I’m Obsessed with Spicy Food and Thai Fusion is Legit.

Usually when I go out for Thai food here, I order my meals “extra hot”. Most if not all the Thai restaurants in town have a spice level scale, and they all differ from place to place. Thai Fusion is known for their high platform, so this time I opted for “medium +”, just in case.

Chicken Rolls.
Chicken Rolls.

My boyfriend and I ordered the Chicken Spring Rolls as a starter, with sweet chili sauce on the side. Clearly they didn’t work hard at their plate presentation, which we laughed at, but it’s the taste that really matters. The filling was made with chicken, cabbage, garlic, cilantro, green onions, carrots, and vermicelli. The wrap was light and crisp and you could tell that the oil they were fried in was of good quality and not old or stale. Even in their state, you could tell that the rolls were fresh and moist.


Complimentary soup that came with our meal. I don’t know what it was, but it reminded me of a milder hot and sour soup. Tofu, bamboo, peas, and carrots. It had a nice peppery undertone but I found it to be mostly bland.

Pla Masaman.
Pla Masaman.

The Pla Masaman was fantastic. Tilapia served with potatoes, spanish onion, carrots and peas. I hadn’t known that the fish was served fried. It would be so much better steamed. It proposed a nice texture to the dish, but that wasn’t enough to cover the fact that the tilapia was a little dry. The components that made me fall for this plate was the sauce and potatoes. The masaman sauce was delicious, described as a smoky curry sauce with a hint of cinnamon. I was elated to find that the coconut milk in it wasn’t the dominating factor of the dish. It was used instead as a complement to the flavors, and I really admire when it’s done that way. It wasn’t overly sweet, it was rich, but I didn’t get sick of it. The potatoes were served in larger cuts and were rippled. I don’t know what it is, but they seem to taste so much better that way.

Good service and nice atmosphere. Prices seem to be along the same lines as other Thai restaurants in the area. The spice level in my dish was great, but I will go with “hot” upon the next visit. This restaurant does indeed have stronger levels of heat than most in Grand Rapids, which is just so great. If you’re a pansy who can’t handle it then I feel sorry for you, because you’re missing out.

2 thoughts on “I’m Obsessed with Spicy Food and Thai Fusion is Legit.

    1. Some restaurants here are pretty good, but my friend Joe from Thailand makes the best Thai food by far. Basics that are never offered on the menus here. The amazingly good stuff is found in their country. ^^

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