12 Days Until My Travels to Penang and Hong Kong. Any Recommendations?

The boyfriend and I chose Georgetown, Penang for obvious reasons; the food! We’ll have a long layover in Hong Kong, so we will be staying a night in Mongkok as well.

What I want to know is, are there any hawker stalls/ food carts, restaurants, or food trucks that we just can’t miss out on? Let me know!

Ninja is freaking.out.
Ninja is freaking.out.

15 thoughts on “12 Days Until My Travels to Penang and Hong Kong. Any Recommendations?

  1. Well, there is so much good food in Hong Kong, it is hard to recommend anything in particular. If you have a long layover in HK, you’ll have time to explore.

    For the best dim sum in town, I recommend Dim Tai Fung (鼎泰豐). They have a restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui, in the Harbour Center (a shopping mall), 30 Canton Road. People queue for hours on weekend.

      1. Din Tai Fung is not technically Cantonese dim sum traditional to Hong Kong. It is Taiwanese, but a great place if you can tolerate the terrible service as the food is worth it.

      2. All dumplings revolve around the same theme so I guess the biggest difference is Chilli. The other differences are more subtle. The Taiwanese dumplings are normally served in or with spicy sauces. they tend to be mostly meat (pig based) whereas Cantonese have a lot more seafood (a good gauge of a good yum cha/dim sum restaurant is the prawn dumplings (haa gow). They also have different wrapper thickness/texture and I find the filling in taiwanese dumplings is generally “ground” smoother (although not always). Din Tai Fung dumplings are made in house (you can watch them being made) and can be fascinating to watch while waiting. Most places make their dumplings in house with ‘secret’ recipes.
        Another thing to try in Hong Kong is a won ton noodle soup. Prawn won tons with egg noodles in a clear broth (you normally don’t drink). Lots of good places for that in Hong Kong, including inside the airport terminal food hall once you’ve gone through customs headed for your flight.

  2. Cheers for following my food blog Collateral Lettuce, and for liking my post about “fusion” food!

    Is there a sizable Ethiopian community in Grand Rapids? I stumbled upon one in Omaha last year, which was a nice surprise. One person gave me a traditional toothbrush, which is a sharpened twig.

    As for Hong Kong recommendations, if you’d like to have some Indonesian food, visit the area around 127 – 129 Leighton Road in Causeway Bay. That’s the de facto Indo part of town, centered around their consulate.

    1. Thanks for the info! I am excited to try foods I’ve never had, which includes Indonesian.

      To my knowledge there isn’t much a an Ethiopian community here. But again, that’s just as far as I know. I’m just grateful we have their cuisine here! I grew up in a much smaller town so my options were always so limited.

  3. Good Dim sum (yum cha) is everywhere. Tim Ho Wan is well worth the wait (must try the baked pork buns) – they have restaurants in various locations in Hong Kong, including Mong Kok.
    If coming across to Hong Kong Island you are spoilt for choice in terms of all cuisine.
    For typhoon shelter crab look at the restaurants on Lockhart Rd in Wan Chai.
    For good roast goose look at Yung Kee Restaurant on Wellington Street (although may not get in as it is often packed/needs booking and can be on the pricey side).
    There are generic Cantonese restaurants everywhere – if a place is packed, good chance the food will be ok.
    Temple Street in Jordan has night seafood – but it can be a bit MSG’y … lots of tourists go there.

    As for street stalls – try the curry fish balls. Again look for stalls with good patronage/queues for the best ones.
    Similarly egg ball waffle (gai daan gi-ee) is a very popular snack… there are a few good places for that around the streets of Mong Kok near the Ladies Market (even a chocolate one!)
    You could also try the street side salt and pepper squid or the dim sum or the tofu … lots and lots of choice.

    Hong Kong people love their food. πŸ™‚

    Also in Penang there is an awesome place for Char Kwai Dew – only operates during the day till 5 or 6 pm – Kafe Heng Huat on Lorong Selamat. Well worth the trip – we were only there a couple of months back. One of the best Kwai Dew I have ever had!

  4. Definitely Tim Ho Wan in HK! But I heard the original branch in Mongkok already closed because of the high rent. You can try the one in the station underneath IFC Mall. The baked pork buns are the star attraction but most of the other dim sum are also good. πŸ™‚

  5. Highly recommend Ming Court at The Langham Pace Hotel, Mongkok. Fabulous Cantonese style dumplings. So good the restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars. But before you draw in breadth, being HK it is reasonably priced and doesn’t break the bank. We dined there 2 years ago and I can still taste the food. We actually ate there twice – once Yumcha style for lunch and later for dinner.

  6. Just found your blog. Great finds in GR. Would love your opinion on recommendations in GR and outside the US. Planning a trip and trying to figure out where to go. Food is a big factor. Do you have an email or a way to contact you thru your blog?

    1. Hi Sam, thanks so much! I appreciate it.
      I’m not sure if WordPress has any type of private messaging or anything like that, so commenting on here will most likely work the best for me.
      So far I’ve been to:
      Puerto Rico
      I can easily recommend Korea and China for the best food scene.
      If you’re on a budget, Penang is a great choice. The flight is costly but the food is great and very cheap, and staying at a nice place is low cost there as well! Keep in mind, it is hot as balls there. 😦
      The country I most want to go to for cuisine right now? Thailand! So even though I haven’t been yet, that would be a recommendation of mine. Authentic Thai food is phenomenal.

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