At the Pita House, And I Just Had to Order That Meat Pie Too.

The Pita House has three different locations in Grand Rapids, and the one that I frequent is on 28th Street. Featuring Mediterranean food, some locations offer not only a deli but groceries as well. This one does not.

Shish Kabob Platter.
Shish Kabob Platter.

The Vimto you see in the photo is described as “Fruit Flavored” and is made in Quebec. It’s a mystery which fruit the drink may be featuring, but it’s a tasty carbonated beverage nonetheless.

I got the Shish Kabob Specialty Platter. I chose lamb as the protein and holy crap, it was fantastic. The meat was seasoned beautifully and was juicy and chewy, but not overly so. It had a bit of pink in the middle, and while I prefer most meats rare, it’s on a kebob; plus, it was still delicious! The rice was good, subtle in flavor and had a nice texture. Great with the lamb. Tabbouleh was made with fresh parsley, and the mint was pleasant. It was a bit too sour for me, and I think if they added more onion I would have enjoyed it more. The hummous was creamy with some great olive oil in the center.

Meat Pie.
Meat Pie.

After I ordered my platter I saw a sign that boasted of their new meat pies, and of course I had to order one. I had their previous version before and really liked it, but this one was just okay, if that. The first couple of bites were all dough, which was slightly sweet, soft, and and crunchy at the seams. There wasn’t much meat filling, which itself was spiced nicely but a little dry. I liked the pies the way they were before; smaller, with more meat, so you get more flavor in each bite. The cucumber sauce served aside it was delicious and more authentic in flavor from what I’m used to. I got more yogurt from it and less sugar.

This place is great for a casual sit down with reasonably priced Mediterranean food. The lamb skewers are highly recommended. My other favorite meal to get from here is their Falafel Wrap. It’s great because you can build your own!

4 thoughts on “At the Pita House, And I Just Had to Order That Meat Pie Too.

  1. If you’re into Mediterranean food, try a place called LeKabob on 28th. It’s by Woodland mall. I just had dinner there recently with Terri; we both enjoyed it.

  2. I hate when they (pretty much every Middle Eastern restaurant and market) are skimpy on the filling, you should get some in each bite. I buy spinach pies from a certain store when I’m desperate, and I give the empty corner pieces of bread to my dog.

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