This Entry About Mitten Brewing Company is About Pizza, Not Beer. Sorry. (But not really.)

Pepperoni pizza.
Pepperoni pizza.

I don’t drink beer. I stick to my bourbon and red wine, so I’m not a frequenter of breweries. I know, it’s a shame, especially in this time when new beer establishments are popping up everywhere around here. Not only that, but our city of Grand Rapids holds the coveted title of “Beer City USA” for 2013. A very big deal for many! I try all different kinds of beer when it’s in front of me, because it’s part of my job. But in most cases, I say no thanks.

The Mitten Brewing Company opened up in the beginning of 2012. Two friends who share a love of creating brews and baseball established the business together. The ambiance is laid back and the service friendly, and they are currently in the works to expand their space to an upstairs. When we got there we got to chat with Executive Chef Justin about the business.

They serve pizza by the slice, which was perfect. My friend Alejandro and I came here after we went out to lunch. My tummy was quite full, but I couldn’t miss an opportunity to try a pizza I’ve never had before! I freakin love pizza. And theirs was delicious! The sauce was spiced very nicely, not overly sweet, and I love that they put chunks of garlic in there. Why don’t more people do that? It just makes so much sense, doesn’t it? I liked the cheese and the pepperoni, and it’s all greasy in a good way. The photo I took may not be the most flattering, but don’t be fooled. This pizza is really good. And the dough! Chef Justin told us that the masterminds of the recipe did a lot of research and work, and based their great textured dough from an old school style recipe. It did remind me more of an old fashioned kind of deliciousness as opposed to the unique artisan pizzas currently garnering all the attention out there.

Alejandro ordered the Country Strong IPA and also a pint of the Triple Brown Crown. He thought the latter was okay but enjoyed the IPA and ordered a second. As for the rest of the menu here, I can only speak for the pizza, which is in my top three favorite in Grand Rapids. I look forward to going back and gorging myself on a whole one next time.

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