The Cheshire Grill is Not Your Average Diner.

You step into this establishment and it becomes immediately apparent that you’ve somehow stepped through a portal of time to arrive in the 1950s. It looks small, but in actuality the restaurant is split into three separate rooms. There is the red room, the blue room, and the green room. I think the red is the best. That’s where the ice cream is. I came here with my friend Alejandro for lunch and because of him, we got the pleasure of speaking to Chef Spencer, the man behind the creative diner menu at Cheshire Grill. The focus here is heavy on using all natural ingredients and many dishes they serve are made from scratch. Chef explained that he avoids using foods that are highly processed and preserved, and also mentioned that there isn’t a grain of MSG used in their kitchen. (I feel I must insert that when the big MSG scare started years ago, it has since been explained that this dreaded salt really isn’t the devil after all.) Perusing the menu I noticed that the food was your typical diner food but with many twists. The prices are higher than average, but with the effort and thoughtfulness the menu presents I think it’s pretty fair.

Spicy Monster.
Spicy Monster and the Cheshire Breakfast Bomb.

I wasn’t planning on a burger, but I saw the name and it was all over. A spicy monster? Well, we shall see about that. I order most things rare, and that goes for my burgers. The flavor of the patty was delicious and beefy, yet a little too salty. The jalapenos were pickled, which is fine, but I prefer all spicy peppers fresh. The sriracha mayo was good, and the chipotle ketchup was sweet. If I dressed the sandwich myself I would have been much happier with half the amount of the sauces on there, so the beef and the onions could carry through more powerfully. I don’t remember the bun to be anything special, and the beer battered fries were okay. I’ve never been crazy about those type fries, but if you do take a liking to them you would enjoy these.

Chocolate ice cream soda.
Chocolate ice cream soda.

They serve ice cream sodas here and holy cow yes, they are as good as they look. I ordered the chocolate version, and Alejandro ordered the cherry, which will be my next conquest. Chef Spencer explained that their restaurant is the only one in town with a working ice cream soda machine. Apparently they don’t make the parts for these magical machines anymore so they had to have parts reproduced in the east side of the state to make their machine functional. Thank goodness they managed that!

Something else that I enjoyed hearing about are the charities the restaurant supports. They get involved with a couple of groups that help veterans, and also a handful that help animals and pets! So in addition to that, Cheshire Grill provides creative diner food, strives to use healthier ingredients, puts in the time and effort to create meals from scratch, and in case you forgot- ice cream soda. It’s a pretty neat place.

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