I Like Canned Mushrooms. But This is About Fleetwood Diner.

Gyro and cole slaw. Hippie Hash and wheat toast.
Gyro and cole slaw. Hippie Hash and wheat toast.

My boyfriend and I eat at Fleetwood Diner semi-regularly. We always opt for this place when we don’t want to spend a lot of money. Prices are low and the service has improved greatly. The food is good, and there is only one dish I’ve tried that I would not recommend, which is their Falafel Wrap. It was the hummous that I didn’t enjoy. The interior is nice, definitely sending out a retro vibe. However, you should know that this diner is not open 24 hours, which I know that’s disappointed a person or two.

The offerings here are interesting. Their menu is full of traditional diner food, but it features Greek food as well. Then, they added some Mexican dishes. And most recently, I noticed that they’ve introduced an Asian dish. I don’t think their confusing menu is a bad thing, just a little funny, and endearing for some reason.

They recently opened up a bar in this location, so that’s nice. I always go there for lunch, and half the time I’m hungover, so I haven’t checked out their selections recently. As far as dessert, they have shakes, smoothies, and a large variety of ice cream, which is always a great thing.

I had the gyro with a side of coleslaw. I order gyros here often, lamb or chicken, and I add feta. I like how they season the proteins. The accompaniments are diced white onions, lettuce, chopped tomatoes and a side of tzaziki sauce. They pile so much on there that I have to eat it with both hands placed in awkward positions, and my face gets a pretty coat of delicious cucumber sauce smeared all around my mouth. The slaw is creamy and reminds me of the coleslaw they serve at KFC.  I prefer versions that are lighter, with a vinaigrette or citrus base, but I like this kind too.

The boyfriend always orders their popular Hippie Hash with gyro meat. Homemade hash browns with broccoli, tomato, onions, green peppers, and canned mushrooms. I’m about to digress, but I had recently viewed a reality TV show where chefs compete against each other. One of the challenges involved canned mushrooms. All the judges and contestants were disgusted by the fungus and completely abhorred them. They acted as if these mushrooms killed their cats and slept with their spouses.  I’m not an elite foodie, and perhaps many of you who read this will think, “Well that’s an obvious assertion”, but I don’t care, and you’re stupid. I like canned mushrooms. I like their flavor and texture. The end.

2 thoughts on “I Like Canned Mushrooms. But This is About Fleetwood Diner.

  1. I also love canned mushrooms. I don’t mind eating them straight out of the can with a fork, and I have at least one friend who does the same. I think it’s because the little guys are just soaking up all that delicious sodium…yum.

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