Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

Our Five Guy burgers, peach Fanta and complimentary roasted peanuts.
Our Five Guy burgers, peach Fanta and complimentary roasted peanuts.

This fast, casual restaurant was started in Virginia back in the later 80’s. It is focused on burgers, fries, a large soda selection, and a handful of other menu items. I’m not a fan of most chain restaurants, but when Five Guys recently opened here, the boyfriend was keen on trying it out. The location is not actually here in Grand Rapids, but in neighboring Grandville. Most of these restaurants in Michigan are over on the east side of Michigan, and one or two establishments in the middle of the state.

The Burger

I order the Little Burger, which means it has one beef patty. The regular has two. To me, the bun and what goes on the burger is just as important as the meat itself, so I opt for not having two patties distract from the other flavors. I have mine topped with fresh onions, fresh jalapenos, grilled mushrooms, and mustard. It comes to you warm and enveloped in foil. There is something to be said about receiving wrapped food, and the eagerness that builds as you strip it of its casing. The burger is delicious. The bun is said to be sweeter, with more egg in it, but what I really enjoy is the way the bun is squashed in the foil. I honestly believe it makes the burger taste better. I feel wary about using the term “mushy”, because this ignites an image of soppy wet hamburger bun that falls apart upon human touch. That’s not the case at all. I describe it as mushy, squashed, because I am currently listening to Family Guy and for the life of me I cannot concentrate enough to think of a better adjective to what I am trying to describe.


We ordered the Cajun fries. They were just okay. I know they are famous, but I don’t really get it. Be warned, the serving size for a regular portion is large and sharable between two. The second time we went to Five Guys neither one of us ordered them again. One burger isn’t enough without so just order two burgers, if you should feel the same way I do. Still, I will make it a point to try their regular fries the next time I visit.


They have these Touch Screen machines with a large variety of sodas and non-carbonated beverages. And they have Fanta. A lot of it.

Service & Atmosphere

Great service. Very friendly and fast paced. They seem to have it all down like clock work, and the wait time hasn’t been an issue so far. I doubt it ever could be, because it looks like there are ten or more employees back there in the open kitchen at one time. Typical burger joint set up with plenty of tables and seats. Some areas are a bit awkward with spacing, but nothing to get upset about. The last time I was in and waiting for our food, “Buddy Holly” by Weezer began to play and and it made me happy. They have a good playlist there, or listen to good stations, whichever it may be. Music is important for the environment of a restaurant. Simply enough, It makes your time spent there more enjoyable. It’s fun hearing a song you really like while eating delicious food. Some of you may be saying out loud, “Well duh”. But I can tell you now, there are restaurants out there that overlook this important detail. Then you’re stuck sitting there, distracted from your beckoning food in front of you because all you want to do is to shoot out all the speakers that are spewing dragging notes of a horrifically annoying song……. but not that I know of a restaurant like that.

Overall, yes it’s a chain, but I do like Five Guys. Hamburgers are not in my top 20 favorite foods, but when there is a joint that warrants a second visit shortly after the first because the burger is just so tasty, that’s a pretty good sign.

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