The Bull’s Head Tavern.

This place is located downtown in Grand Rapids. As the name implies, there is some taxidermy here, which I am not a fan of, but this is about food and drinks, yes?

My boyfriend and I made a reservation here on a Wednesday evening. The restaurant was full when we arrived, and were seated in the upstairs section of the restaurant. We chose the 3-course meal for $25.

My first course was Parmesan Stuffed Tomatoes. It has the aforementioned ingredients, along with garlic, basil oil and balsamic reduction. The appetizer wasn’t really stuffed, with everything more so on top of the tomato slices and decorating the plate, but it was still delicious. Highly recommended.

Second course I chose was the Ginger Pear Pork Chop. On the bone, glazed with ginger, topped with pear slaw, and the sides were garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli. I really enjoyed this dish as well. The pork chop was prepared medium rare, almost medium. I would have liked it a little more rare, but I had no complaint. I was surprised by the slaw. I think pear makes some pretty fantastic slaws, and theirs had celery in it, which I wasn’t expecting when I took a bite. Paired together the flavor was fantastic and although simple, really gave an oomph to the dish. The mashed potatoes were more home style to me, and a little confusing with the pork and slaw, but I still enjoyed it. And the broccoli was broccoli.

For dessert, I chose the Fried Ice Cream. I had initially wanted the Lemonberry Mascarpone Cake, but our server informed me to not bother ordering it because they last heard they only had two left. Understandable, but couldn’t I get a shot at maybe grabbing one of those two that were left? Couldn’t you even try?

It was good. Simple dessert with a nice coating on the outside, the fried part, although I didn’t know what it was. The one complaint I had is that you could taste a bit of freezer in the ice cream. That’s never delicious.

I have recently found a love for bourbon, and my drink of choice as of late has been a neat pour of it. I ordered Makers Mark, and was surprised and happy about the 4 ounce pour they give you. Normally for a neat drink, it will be two. When we got the check, I was even more pleasantly surprised to see that they charge $4.75 for my drink. Their bar is definitely on my frequenting list now.

I enjoyed everything overall. I can’t speak for their regular menu, but the food was delicious and the drinks generous. Nice relaxed atmosphere. The service was good, friendly, prompt, albeit a little awkward at first when our server felt the need to continuously apologize for the slow table greet, when we weren’t even the least bit upset about it. We have eyes, and we see how busy the place is. There is no need for you to explain to us the poor seating arrangements or the amateur timing of it either. We know you aren’t purposely trying to suck, and we are fine, promise!

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