It’s Restaurant Week in Grand Rapids.

It's a cat.
It’s a cat.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos that are related to the post I am …currently posting, I guess. So here is a picture of my favorite cat. His name is Chunk. And this may happen again in the future.

I’m broke. I am taking a big trip at the end of October, I never in my life have figured out how to save a substantial amount of money, and I eat a lot of food. Point being, it is indeed Restaurant Week in Grand Rapids. It’s a fun and great way for this city to show what culinary excitement and delights it has to offer. Currently I can afford to go out to just a couple of places, so I narrowed down the options by which RW menu interested me the most.  I also looked at this as an opportunity to go to somewhere I have never dined at before. That’s always exciting. The two establishments I visited for the first time were The Bull’s Head Tavern and Aryana Restaurant & Bar.

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